First Baptist Church of Herndon

681 Elden St., Herndon, VA 20170-4722, Phone 703-437-3620

The Good Sport

We have lost yet another cherished member of our church family. I can’t say I was surprised because he had been very ill for a while.

Author: Linda Soller | Oct 16, 2023

Creative Juices

Apparently creative juices flow through humans making us create things, think of new ideas, and well, be creative. It’s my understanding that we all have these juices, even if some may have more than others.

Author: Linda Soller | Oct 09, 2023

Signs of Fall

Fall is officially here, and I should have seen the signs like occasional cool nights, a fair amount of rain, hurricanes seeming to become more frequent, some trees changing their colors, and naturally leaves all over the deck. Yep, all these can be considered signs of fall if you live in northern Virginia.

Author: Linda Soller | Oct 02, 2023

Little Ears

Driving down the road with two of the four grandchildren I heard myself say, “keep an eye out for deer, our neighborhood is full of them.” Immediately after I wondered if they understood what I meant by “keep an eye out.”

Author: Linda Soller | Sep 25, 2023

Nature Surprises

If we have learned anything living in our current location all these years, it’s that nature surprises you.

Author: Linda Soller | Sep 18, 2023

Time to Celebrate

This past Sunday was our church’s “Celebration Sunday”. What were we celebrating? That is a good question. It wasn’t any official federal holiday. It was not a date associated with the birth or death of Jesus. It was simpler than that.

Author: Linda Soller | Sep 11, 2023