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The Art of Patience

So often when we try to learn something new, we gain as much, if not more, from the side lessons. I’ve actually started an art class. Yes, I am committed to learning how to properly paint using watercolor.

Author: Linda Soller | May 22, 2023

The Life of a Dead Tree

When we moved to our house a beautiful Japanese Maple tree lived right next to our deck. It provided lovely cooling shade, branches for bird houses, and beautiful fall color. It was not huge, but the shape was so perfect, it was full of life.

Author: Linda Soller | May 15, 2023

Just Say It

There are times when we get into our heads too much. We ponder, consider, rethink, and ponder some more. In a show I watch, a young man asks a girl out on a very mundane date.

Author: Linda Soller | May 08, 2023

A Minor Detail

Often when you find yourself saying “a minor detail” you are being sarcastic. An example can be found in my continuing saga of learning to paint with watercolors. I’m now in my second book for beginners, and watching three different painting shows on TV, recording each so I can rewatch multiple times.

Author: Linda Soller | May 01, 2023

The Playground

While my daughter did a big favor for me, I had the pleasure of entertaining my youngest grandchild. We began with a snack, naturally, followed by coloring.

Author: Linda Soller | Apr 24, 2023

The Thrill of New

Sometimes the thought of something new can be thrilling. Bound and determined to learn to watercolor I was initially reluctant to start. I talked about starting, but just couldn’t get going.

Author: Linda Soller | Apr 17, 2023