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Courage of Your Convictions
The word courage doesn’t get tossed around like the word hero. I’m not sure why that is. Conviction, not as in guilty verdicts, is seen in abundance. The expression “the courage of your convictions” was once a call to honor, but today
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 12, 2018

It was a clear, chilly Monday morning. I was driving down the road, admittedly a few miles over the speed limit, about five car lengths behind the cars (note plural) ahead of me. A white SUV that had turned on to the same road from a side street and was coming up quickly behind me. The driver crossed the solid yellow line
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 05, 2018

The Daffodil in Us All
I must admit we have had a cold, but relatively snow free winter here in Northern Virginia. I can handle cold, so I’m not complaining. However, those of us who have lived in the area for a long time understand that March can be a very wintery month. That’s why
Author: Linda Soller | Feb 23, 2018

February reminds me of the love of good friends. As kids, most of the valentines we sent were to friends. They were likely funny or related to our favorite cartoons or TV/Movie characters. Unicorns are big right now,
Author: Linda Soller | Feb 19, 2018

A Day for Love
The jury is still out as to the exact origins of our modern Valentine’s Day holiday. Did it begin with the Roman festival known as Lupercalia, a rather scandalous event, or when Pope Gelasius declared a Christian liturgical feast day by that name in the 5th century, or
Author: Linda Soller | Feb 12, 2018

Emotions Hurt
Watching the Kids Baking Championship on the Food Network from the comfort of my couch, I heard something that struck me as profound. One young contestant was speaking to the camera after cutting her finger, “I was trying not to cry,
Author: Linda Soller | Feb 05, 2018