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Linda Soller | Aug 30, 2021

Last week I spoke of the village needed to raise our children. This week I am switching from selfless giving of one’s time, love, and energy to selfishness. I guess I’m tired of observing our very selfish culture. It’s not an age issue, or a race issue, it’s a human issue. When you act in a way to benefit yourself ignoring the needs of others instead of taking a different approach to benefit all, you have acted selfishly. We don’t like to be told we are selfish. We’ve been taught to share and consider others’ feelings.  But here we are in a very selfish society. 


When the east coast was struggling with gas supplies due to a ransomware issue, people who weren’t driving routinely, filled up every car they owned and their extra gas cans too. They didn’t do it to be mean. But they didn’t think of those who only had one car and needed it to survive every day. How about those who stocked up in the early stages of the pandemic? Some are still housing quantities of those items they never got around to using. Survival of the fittest, maybe? The early bird catching the worm, could be? Or maybe just selfish?


Selfishness is not pretty, and we all display it at one time or another.  A couple, laid off from their jobs, started collecting unemployment. They bought a new car, then went on vacation, finally they filled their house with new furniture. Eventually they say they will look for work. When asked about their decisions they looked puzzled.  We’re not hurting anyone. Really? Telling me to get vaccinated takes my freedom. Really? When you use your seatbelt, or stop at a red light, have your fundamental freedoms been impacted? 


Our society was founded on freedoms and responsibilities. Responsibilities to obey the laws, work to support yourself if able, reach for goals to make your life meaningful, to trust the systems we put in place to protect us, and so on. There is a degree of selflessness needed for a free society to survive. In the Bible – Matthew 25:40 - Jesus says, “whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers and sisters, you do unto me.”  He asks for the opposite of selfish. 


Be the difference in the world! :o)