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Pattern Change

Linda Soller | Sep 06, 2021

Like many I enjoy the easier daily commutes. A result of so many people working from home. I notice the difference in my stress level when I get to work. However, in the middle of the day it feels like all the people at home decide to go out for a ride. While on vacation I mentioned this to my family and my sister said naturally the mid-day traffic is heavier because those working from home go out during their lunch times, etc. I hadn’t made the connection, but I think she is right. Don’t tell her I said that. What I’m seeing is a behavioral pattern change. 


The commute is not the only pattern change we’re experiencing. We have delivery of all sorts of items we used to go get ourselves. Even our church services are forming a new pattern of blended in-person and virtual gatherings. It’s possible we would have gotten to this point without a pandemic, but I think we can agree we have gotten here faster out of necessity. Are you doing some things differently, without really thinking about it? Maybe you are out in your neighborhood more frequently. Do you recognize the faces of neighbors you didn’t even know existed before? Do you feel differently about the cashiers at the grocery store who are there early so you can shop safely? As a parent was there a time when you resented the school bus driver who could not seem to pick up or drop off your child on time? Now you are just glad to have a school bus driver at all. Behavioral patterns may be more obvious, but patterns of thought, while subtle, are often life changing.


We humans are fast to claim credit for adapting to our circumstances. I wonder if we shouldn’t be giving more credit to God. He is always with us and during this challenging time maybe He has nudged our adaptation along. Perhaps He is helping us all cope and forcing us to face our realities. When it comes to loving and supporting one another, maybe we all could benefit from a pattern change in thought and behavior. I think He would agree.


Be the difference in the world! :o)