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Just Like That!

Linda Soller | Sep 20, 2021

I try to notice my surroundings on the way to and from work. I prefer not to think of it as being nosey, more as observant.  Either way I do like to look at the houses and yards. There are two brick homes I pass going to and from work. Both most likely built in the 1960s, both always looked to be in good condition, but neither really are what you would call memorable. One sold a few months back and the other just came on the market. They are very different styles with very different yards, but neither shouted, “look at me!” I drove past both on a Thursday night going home, and then the next week on a Monday morning. And just like that the two brick houses were screaming, “look at me!” Both had been painted. One now looked 30 years newer, all sleek and updated. The other now looked very elegant and formal. They are great, because someone made up their minds to change them, just like that.


Naturally I wondered if we could make such a quick change to a house why do we humans struggle so to change other things in our lives. I mean, taking a daily walk isn’t nearly the amount of work as painting a house. So why can’t I just do it.  I do understand that both houses stood for years looking very plain. It took the right person(s) at the right time to take the big step. But the big step was taken and just like that the houses have a new life.  I am pretty sure if those houses could speak, they would be saying, finally someone took the time to care and help me out. So, the next time I am feeling lazy and don’t want to take my walk I will remember those houses. Who knows, maybe just like that it will be my new healthy habit. 


Be the difference in the world! :o)