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When it rains it pours!
When it rains it pours. I am not talking about the weather, although based on the recent weather in Northern Virginia I could be. I’m talking about when you encounter a challenge or experience a problem it often feels like you get slammed with multiple challenges and problems all at once.
Author: Linda Soller | Sep 17, 2018

Where do I belong?
Last week we talked about the longing to belong. Perhaps the harder step is answering the question, where do I belong? There is no easy answer. Have you heard the statement that you can’t reach the finish line if you never start the race?
Author: Linda Soller | Sep 10, 2018

Longing to Belong
Some would have you believe that your faith and organized religion are not relevant in modern times. I personally think those individuals are not only wrong, but their views are doing fellow humans a great disservice.
Author: Linda Soller | Sep 03, 2018

In the habit of ...
Think for a moment of your habits. Which are good ones? Which are not so good? Do you remember when they started or why? Have you ever tried to change any of them? Some of us have longer lists than others. So, tell me this
Author: Linda Soller | Aug 27, 2018

Gotta Love Technology
I am not the most technically savvy person. As it happens my job requires that I deal with technology all the time. Sometimes I get a little frustrated. Other times I am sure “the computer” has a mind of its own. Take today as an example.
Author: Linda Soller | Aug 20, 2018

Passive Aggressive
A co-worker who is usually bubbly and all smiles seems to be avoiding me. I’m not sure why. When she is unhappy she withdraws her sunny disposition. Nothing needs to be said to know she is angry.
Author: Linda Soller | Aug 13, 2018