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Passive Aggressive
A co-worker who is usually bubbly and all smiles seems to be avoiding me. I’m not sure why. When she is unhappy she withdraws her sunny disposition. Nothing needs to be said to know she is angry.
Author: Linda Soller | Aug 13, 2018

Behind the Clouds
Our traditional extended family beach vacation was in full swing. The house we have rented for 18+ years had undergone some cosmetic updates which met with our approval. The drive down had been uneventful for both cars of people. We’d settled in easily. It was all positive, except
Author: Linda Soller | Aug 06, 2018

Kid Talk
Pastor Sean was on the summer mission trip with the youth of our church. Different people were filling the gaps in the Sunday church service. I had agreed to provide the “Children’s Sermon”. For some reason I get nervous about that commitment.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 30, 2018

How Do You Listen?
I was at work, reading a professional publication on being a better listener. I thought, it’s sad that we need to teach people how to listen. Sad, but maybe not surprising. Sometimes it feels like the world is roaring in our ears.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 23, 2018

As Fast As I Can
A woman, taking a morning walk with her very small dog, crossed my path. The pup was practically running with its short little legs and still it couldn’t catch up. I could totally appreciate the way it must have felt. Not just because I’m short, but because sometimes I feel like I’m running as fast as I can and not catching up.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 16, 2018

I Dare Say
Having just celebrated the founding of our country, with its lofty ideals, could it be we are in the worst time for incivility? I dare say it is the worst I can remember. I am glad I have not grown comfortable with the way people are communicating. Unfortunately, my uncomfortableness adds a level of stress to my life I don’t need.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 09, 2018