First Baptist Church of Herndon

681 Elden St., Herndon, VA 20170-4722, Phone 703-437-3620


Author: Sean Roberds | Jun 18, 2020

Herndon Cares Update
WE MADE IT!! We set out hoping to distribute meals each week through yesterday- the end of the Virginia stay at home order as it was initially announced. aaand that's exactly what we did!
Author: Sean Roberds | Jun 11, 2020

News from The Closet
See what's happening at The Closet
Author: Sharon Coyner | May 26, 2020

FBC Herndon Safety/ security initiative
At First Baptist we are working to make sure our church is safe and secure. By clicking the link above, you can view an outline of our safety and security initiative put together by Bruce McConnell. If you would like to serve on the short term committee to develop and implement the approved scope please email me at
Author: Sean Roberds | Jul 09, 2013

A Life in Christ - Holy Week
During Holy week I invite you simply to read and reflect. Some days there is just one passage; other days there are multiple passages. When there’s more than one, you may want to read the passages at different times during the day so you can reflect on each part. May the Lord bless you in the reading of His Word during this most holy week!
Author: Sean Roberds | Mar 25, 2013

A Life in Christ Week 6
When we follow Jesus and watch his interactions with others we see that Jesus goes out of his way to include the outcast.
Author: Sean Roberds | Mar 18, 2013