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Linda Soller | Sep 27, 2021

Driving home from work last Tuesday I was feeling tired and a bit sorry for myself.  I had been under the weather, nothing serious, and it seemed to be taking longer to recover. Then I spotted a delivery van on a neighborhood street. Wouldn’t that be nice, I thought. I wished when I arrived home a box would be waiting for me with something fun? A box to boost my spirits and my energy propped against my door. Trouble is, I hadn’t ordered anything recently, so I quickly realized the chances of a box on my porch were slim to none.  What was missing in this scenario was action by me.


Lately, as in the past two years, I feel like more and more I hear people say they are not going to do this or that. They will do nothing. They are leaving it up to God. Now, I know in my heart that God can do anything and all things when He wants to or feels He needs to. So technically I agree with those people on some level.  But, and it ‘s a big but, I also truly believe God wants us to be active in His plan which requires action on our part. No sitting around waiting for the miracle, or using Him as our personal scapegoat when we aren’t strong enough to do what needs to be done. Oh He loves each and every person, whether they look, sound, or live like we do, but He has given us so much to work with I can’t imagine He is happy to watch when some ignore His efforts to help us out. Why do some feel it’s fair to leave it all up to Him? Feels like they are testing Him, if you ask me. And if He doesn’t produce that miracle will they blame Him? The brain He gave me to think with says yes they will. The heart He gave me to feel compassion hurts to see such anger and hate.


When I arrived home there was no box waiting. I looked at the empty porch and had to chuckle. I had gotten out of this wish exactly what I had put into it, nothing.



Be the difference in the world! :o)