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The Village

Linda Soller | Aug 23, 2021

I feel certain you have heard the expression – it takes a village to raise a child. I believe it’s true. When you are the parent of a child you may find yourself thinking that your village has gone on retreat when you most need them. Which if we are being honest is 90% of the time. When you aren’t the parent, you may not realize that you are part of the village. Recently I had the privilege of seeing a second young woman be ordained into the ministry. In both cases I would like to think I was part of their village. Even if I was just the lady on the outskirts of town who they rarely saw. I could see what made them special and what made them so well suited to their calling. I could have been more supportive, but I’d might have been less if I hadn’t understood my place in their village.


We, you, and I, are part of God’s village. He has charged us to nurture, love, support, and teach our children. It can be a daunting task. The screaming two-year-old, the angst filled juvenile, the cocky young adult all need our attention. As a villager you play a role. You may not have a lead; indeed, you may have a minor part, but a part worth having has been given to you. Recognizing that your interactions with these children of God can impact the direction of their lives is critical to playing your part well. What you see in the face of a child at any age is potential to be as God intended. Potential is a funny thing, but when you play your part in the village the potential might stop flapping around long enough to be grasped.  Even the lady on the outskirts of town can say well done, good work, God loves you, or maybe just provide a much needed although unrequested hug. 


Two young women working in a troubled world for God. They have had challenges and successes. They have experienced joy and sorrow. It took a village to get them to this point. It took God’s village which is where you live.


Be the difference in the world! :o)


This one is for K and Meghan – so very proud of you both!