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Linda Soller | Jun 10, 2024

Last week high school seniors in our area graduated. This week the younger students complete their school year. That can only mean one thing. It’s vacation time!  When I was a child, our family went to the beach. Sometimes it was just for a couple of days, sometimes a week, and a few years not at all. Our vacation time also consisted of swim team, softball and baseball, playing outside, sleeping a little later, it was all good. Basically, it was a change from our school year schedule. While we had other things scheduled like practice, swim meets, and games it felt very different. My favorite times were the weeks spent at my grandmother’s house where my cousins lived. Everything there felt different and more relaxing. My cousins probably didn’t think so, but I did.


So, what does vacation mean to you? Is it a place, or an activity, or lack of an activity? Have you ever tried something new or gone somewhere really different? Do you like to be in a group or enjoy some “me time”?

Whatever you think of when you think of the word vacation, chances are it makes you smile. The beauty of vacation is that it provides an opportunity for a pleasant interruption to the norm. Whether you work inside the home, or out, or if you’re lucky, not at all, you can still appreciate a vacation.


As people of faith, we are called to do God’s work on earth. There is no mention of vacations. I am comfortable saying the reason there is no chapter in the Bible addressing vacation options is because our work for God never truly stops. Our work involves living as God wants us to live every day. It may not be a specific task, or travel to a specific location, or involve a hard and fast schedule.  While our bodies may want and need a rest, our hearts keep beating, and our faith stays constant no matter where we are. With that in mind may I just say – Have a great vacation – whatever that means to you!


Be kind, be brave, have faith!  : )   Linda