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Time Together

Linda Soller | Jul 01, 2024

We’ve been looking at what vacation means to each of us. A highlight of summer vacation for me is time together, especially with my grandkids. With school out there are plenty of opportunities for me to see them. It still requires some planning and effort on my part, but it’s always worthwhile. When my first grandchild was born, I began thinking of the “quality” time we would have together. Whatever you’ve heard about the benefits of being a grandparent, it’s so true. There is nothing like having those little people run to you for a hug. But let’s face it. You can only hug for so long and then they are ready to move on. That’s when the planning and effort really kicks in.


I know I’ve told you about our Lego Land downstairs and our Fairy Village upstairs. As wonderful as they both are (and we do play with them often), we still find ourselves looking for new adventures. We sometimes cook, sometimes paint, we take walks in my neighborhood, we visit my mom (their great grandmother), and we play lots of games. My goal is always to play along as much as I can. The focus is time together. I try to create a space where we can laugh, talk, sit quietly, be creative, and my current favorite – watch “Bluey Cartoons” – sorry Peppa!  My strongest memories of my grandparents are the things we did together. One grandad took me to the stock sales where I pretended to me a farm girl. I loved being around the animals. One grandmother showed me how she sewed. The other grandmother would sit on the couch and watch Elvis movies or rock on the front porch glider.  I knew that they had responsibilities, but I also saw they made time for me.


Summer offers different schedules, different weather, different activities, and what feels like a slower pace. Vacations don’t have to be elaborate or involve international travel. Vacations are often best and truly remembered for our time together.



Be kind, be brave, have faith!  : )   Linda