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Letting Go

Linda Soller | Jun 24, 2024

Some groups disband for summer but not our knitting group. We are the Yarn Yarn Sisterhood (in reference to the movie the Ya Ya Sisterhood). We have a fun time gathering twice a month, supporting good causes, chatting, participating in special events, and OH Yes! knitting! 


Five of our group are participating in a Summer Mystery Club being offered by Kate Davies Design, a Scottish company. This club involves, new patterns, reading mystery books by Margery Allingham (don’t worry we hadn’t heard of her either), and getting great essays on the author, her books, and knitting. The last optional activity is knitting a “mystery shawl.” All five of us ordered yarn kits to knit the shawl in our favorite colors. Two members saw the final version of the shawl and opted to knit a different style. The rest of us chose to try and follow the clues (instructions given out in parts) to see what we ended up with. Clue two arrived recently and well, I for one am reconsidering the project. For me it seems very complicated and risky. Complicated instructions, and a high risk that I will mess it up. I hate to give up on it, but I also hate to waste all of the perfectly good yarn. I’m struggling.


In life it’s critical to learn when to let go. Sometimes we want something which requires more than we have to give. Other times the activity we thought would make us feel wonderful makes us feel stressed. The problem is that we don’t always know when it’s the right time to let go. I have never been a quitter.  But I have elected not to be a starter. This time, however, I jumped right in and now it’s hard to quit. My solution is to think of something which will do the yarn justice and still stretch my skills without squashing my soul. To finalize my decision, I’m taking a few days off the shawl project, and I’m praying. Nothing is too small for God.  God knows me and my temperament better than anyone. He knows how hard this decision is for me. And right now, I think He is saying that letting go is okay. I just need to listen.


Be kind, be brave, have faith!  : )   Linda