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Applying your faith
It was the Sunday after Christmas and honestly I didn’t expect too many people to be in the Drop-In Class.
Author: Linda Soller | Jan 04, 2016

Somewhere in between
Christmas Day has come and gone and the new year is about to begin.
Author: Linda Soller | Dec 28, 2015

Pretty intense
In case you haven’t noticed the Christmas season can be pretty intense.
Author: Linda Soller | Dec 21, 2015

If you were a mailbox...
Walking in my neighborhood the other morning I noticed the mailboxes along the road have taken on some real personality for the holidays.
Author: Linda Soller | Dec 14, 2015

Reconnecting with Christmas
It took a while before I finally broke down and got my IPhone. In truth it took the desire to be able to Face Time my granddaughter to make me update my phone.
Author: Linda Soller | Dec 07, 2015

Observing the Fauna
It is hard to believe Thanksgiving has come and gone. Unless, of course, you look at the bare tree tops, and the dried leaves on the ground, and feel the chill in the air.
Author: Linda Soller | Nov 30, 2015