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The Crosswalks of Life
About one hundred yards beyond my office building is a heavily used hiking/biking trail. Where the trail meets the busy road there’s a crosswalk.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 20, 2015

Freedom to fail
They say you learn from your mistakes, which means some of us should be pretty smart at this point.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 13, 2015

Reaching Out
Recently my husband had surgery. While any surgery is risky we were not expecting an extended stay in the hospital or any complications.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 06, 2015

Are you ready?
It hadn’t been the worst week I’ve ever had, but I was certainly feeling the strain. You know that feeling of exhaustion as you juggle all the tasks in your day.
Author: Linda Soller | Jun 29, 2015

Door shut? Check the window.
Yes, this is the beginning of year four of the “Drop In On-line” blog, but who is counting?
Author: Linda Soller | Jun 22, 2015

Thanks Dad!
If I asked you to stop right now, in place, and list the times you said, “Thanks Dad”, what would your list look like?
Author: Linda Soller | Jun 15, 2015