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Courage Enough
I am reading a book by Margaret Morford about courage when managing in the workplace.
Author: Linda Soller | Jun 01, 2015

Don't Forget
On May 5, 1868 General John Logan, Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic declared Decoration Day.
Author: Linda Soller | May 25, 2015

Small Actions - Big Impact
Don’t you just love the flowers of May? Sure the pollen count is astronomical, you haven’t stopped coughing for three weeks from your spring cold, and the news is full of crazy severe weather, but the flowers are so pretty.
Author: Linda Soller | May 18, 2015

It’s a princess! A baby girl is born to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, name TBD (to be determined).
Author: Linda Soller | May 11, 2015

Moms Matter
Remember when you were a kid and you heard other kids saying things like, “My dad is stronger than your dad”, or “My dad is faster than your dad”, and so on.
Author: Linda Soller | May 04, 2015

Not my plan
Jeff had worked at the company for a few years. From day one he felt the job was beneath him, but he needed benefits the company provided, and he was confident he would move up quickly.
Author: Linda Soller | Apr 27, 2015