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What's Love got to do with it?
Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Remember when we wrote our name on the little paper valentines and distributed them at school?
Author: Linda Soller | Feb 15, 2016

I choose to believe
I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better now that I know the groundhog has predicted Spring is just around the corner. It’s so reassuring.
Author: Linda Soller | Feb 08, 2016

It only took a blizzard!
In the Drop-In class for January we are discussing Inside Out Emotions. If you haven’t seen the movie, “Inside Out”, I encourage you to do so.
Author: Linda Soller | Feb 01, 2016

Feeling Puzzled?
In our breakroom at work is a sign which reads, “Feeling puzzled?”, and on the table above it is a jigsaw puzzle for our employees to work on when they are taking breaks.
Author: Linda Soller | Jan 25, 2016

Old but...
Every morning I have to check my blood pressure. It’s just until my next doctor appointment, but supposedly it will tell my doctor how my meds are working
Author: Linda Soller | Jan 18, 2016

Where are you on the contentment scale?
The weather in our area was really out of character for the month of December. The temperatures were above normal, and the precipitation was in the form of rain, never snow.
Author: Linda Soller | Jan 11, 2016