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Stuff of Dreams

Linda Soller | Aug 12, 2019

The word “stuff” has many meanings, but here I’m talking about things. What’s the stuff of your dreams? Are you a collector of things or do you long for things you can’t afford? The desire for stuff can drive you to work harder, but it can leave you depressed when you dwell on what you don’t have. Everyone has stuff, but not everyone focuses on acquiring it. Some of us want stuff just so we can tell others we have it. Some of us squirrel our stuff away, unless it accumulates so it can no longer be hidden.


Books on how to manage and possibly discard your stuff are very popular right now. I should know I have several, which have been added to my book collection. That’s right, I have acquired stuff to tell me how to get rid of my stuff. It’s complicated. Where do we draw the line? How did we get from “I need” to “I want?”


We live in a materialistic world. Often, we are or think we are, judged by how much stuff we have. And sometimes we judge others. Materialism places value on things. There is nothing wrong with having things which you need to live comfortably, or love, or make you happy. Materialism becomes a problem when it becomes your focus. How can you make time to serve God or others if you are so busy acquiring stuff?


I have read my books on decluttering and tidying and in some cases have read them twice. I think I am looking for the light in my head to go off and suddenly I will no longer desire things I don’t need. It’s hard.


The Bible warns against getting attached to things. Materialism is a distraction from our devotion to God. I feel like we all agree we would have more time, energy and money for God’s work if only we weren’t so distracted. But change can be hard. What’s the stuff of your dreams? What if it were peace, feeding the hungry, clothing the homeless, loving our neighbors? Now that is some cool stuff. Sweet dreams!


Have a great week! :o) Linda