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Emotional Overload
As we begin the Easter week events we often feel a bit overwhelmed. Personally, I feel like it comes from the emotions we experience starting Palm Sunday and going through to Easter Sunday.
Author: Linda Soller | Apr 10, 2017

Making Friends with Mustard
There are lots of condiments to love, but I’ve always been partial to mayonnaise. As a child, my favorite sandwiches all included a generous amount of mayo.
Author: Linda Soller | Apr 03, 2017

Not long ago I attended a conference related to my full-time job. It was an annual conference and one I look forward to each year. I work in human resources and, as you can imagine, it can be stressful.
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 27, 2017

When Life Gets Hard
There are times these days when I can hardly stand to watch the news or read it. And it has nothing to do with if the news is fake or real.
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 20, 2017

Rule #2
Last week I spoke to my rule #1 Know the Rules. This week I would like to move on to rule #2. Rule #2 is “if you break the rules, know you are responsible for the consequences.”
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 13, 2017

Rule #1
Rule #1 to me is pretty straight forward, it is “know the rules.” Take driving for example. As crazy as most of us find the roads and traffic we all know there are rules.
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 06, 2017