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The Determined

Linda Soller | Oct 19, 2020

Driving to the office on a cool, dreary, misty morning I happened to glance over and noticed two men in their rain gear playing a round of golf. Not the best weather for it, but they were determined to enjoy the sport they love, and weather was not going to stop them. It’s good to reward yourself with something you love now and then. It can restore you. But that morning the question that came to my mind is why can’t we all be as determined in our service to others?


A father in a community in California was determined to make child size desks to help students adjust to virtual learning. Who wouldn’t like a dedicated workspace?  And everyone deserved one in his mind. His idea took off and he is working to fill thousands of requests that he is determined to meet. 


A young girl worried that nurses in her town did not have the masks they needed to work safely. So she started making them. She made them stylish because who says wearing a mask has to mess with your style? At such a young age she saw a need and was determined to fill it.


We humans are usually able to find a second breath, so to speak, to do what we want to do. What if we could harness that breath and use it to serve God? What if we could see the need and decide right then and there to address it? We aren’t blind we all see the need in the world. What if we wanted to make a difference now, during a pandemic, when the world feels different, and frightening? What if we could all join the club of the determined?


Be the good in the world! :o) Linda