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Just Listen

Linda Soller | Nov 02, 2020

It might be a friend, or loved one, or co-worker. Sometimes it’s even a stranger. The conversation starts out normally enough but along the way it plunges into the depths of “oh, woe is me!”. We have all had it happen to us. In truth, most of us have done it to someone else at one time or another. But when someone starts verbalizing their concerns to us about how unfair life is, or how miserable they are, we need to remember they want someone who will just listen. Rarely are they seeking your opinion, or a solution. Mostly they just need to vent. I know when I wander off into “poor pitiful me land” I feel better if the person hearing my woes has just listened. We all need to be heard. Unfortunately, when life is so stressful already, we are adding to the burden of our friend, loved one, etc. None of us really wants to do that. We need to practice listening. We need to be supportive. It’s rewarding to help people, and many times our listening to them express their anxieties and concerns is just what they needed.


As Christians we are tempted to tell people what they should do. We have the Bible. We have the teachings of the Church. We have the support of each other, and we feel empowered. We are tempted to judge and voice our judgements. We are human and so we are tempted. When such temptations arise, we need to turn to God, to prayer, to all the wisdom of the Bible, and our faith to guide us carefully. We need to listen. You may be walking down the street, sitting on your porch, or staring out the window. In those quiet times you might feel in your heart that God is trying to offer you support, point you in the right direction, provide you with an opportunity. All you have to do is just listen.


Be the good in the world! :o) Linda