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All Those Walls

We humans have certainly mastered the art of walls. Walls around countries, around castles, around neighborhoods, and property. We have walls to make homes and offices, and walls to break those big spaces into smaller spaces we call rooms.

Author: Linda Soller | Feb 22, 2021

The Little Things

Well, here we are in Valentines Week! I think Valentine’s Day is so limiting, don’t you? Can we really show the people we love how much they mean to us in one day? Maybe with a grand gesture we can impress them. Maybe you are the grand gesture type, I’m not.

Author: Linda Soller | Feb 15, 2021

A Good Neighbor?

A large plastic brown owl hangs high in the woods behind our house. The actual tree resides in my neighbor’s yard. Yes, when it appeared the word crazy did cross my mind. When we moved to our heavily wooded neighborhood years ago, it was common to see fake owls in yards, stuck to windows, hanging from light posts and tree limbs. We were told the fake owls helped deter the very real woodpeckers who loved all of our wood siding. Who were we to doubt? The ginormous owl seems odd, but truthfully it isn’t hurting anything. So, doing what good neighbors do, we try to ignore it. Not battle worthy.

Author: Linda Soller | Feb 12, 2021

Better Together

I have a long and friendly relationship with step stools and ladders, it’s a height thing. But recently, in an instance of distraction, from a towering height of maybe two feet, I took a tumble. I fell, not so gracefully landing on the floor and catching myself with my left hand/arm. After extensive medical research on my computer, I decided my wrist was sprained.

Author: Linda Soller | Feb 01, 2021

Wait A Minute

In our Sunday Bible study group, we talked about Noah and his ark. It made me think about the human process of waiting. I can’t even imagine being in Noah’s position. What would I do if God called me to such a monumental task? Needless to say, God knows better than to do that.

Author: Linda Soller | Feb 01, 2021

What I Heard

Like millions of Americans, I watched the Presidential Inauguration, aware of the history making events. But it was what I heard that resonated with me and remains implanted in my memory.

Author: Linda Soller | Jan 25, 2021