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What Did You Expect?

On Palm Sunday our Bible Study group tried to look at a very familiar story from the Bible in a new way. We have all heard the Palm Sunday story many times. Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. But it didn’t look totally triumphant.

Author: Linda Soller | Apr 05, 2021

Easter Take Two

Approaching Easter last year, I was so disappointed to miss all the church and family traditions due to the pandemic. But I knew it was for the greater good. I was reminded during that time just how important Easter is for the world.

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 29, 2021

Welcome Back

Let’s face it, I often write about my commute to work, the crazy drivers, not me of course, and the things I find so interesting or irritating. Currently I report into my office two days a week and work remotely for the remainder. Ever since we started this gradual return to the office my drive to and from work has been crazy easy.

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 22, 2021

Where to Start

Recently in our adult Bible study we talked about how confusing the crucifixion might be to a non- Christian. If we are honest it confuses many Christians. Why would God allow Jesus to die in such a horrible way?

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 15, 2021

What A Blessing!

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon. A lazy day if I’m being honest. There I was sitting on the couch watching a winter sports event on TV when I heard a familiar ping telling me I had a text message. Fully expecting it to be one of my children with pictures of my perfect grandchildren doing something adorable I quickly snatched the phone.

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 08, 2021

Wait A Minute

In our Sunday Bible study group, we talked about Noah and his ark. It made me think about the human process of waiting. I can’t even imagine being in Noah’s position. What would I do if God called me to such a monumental task? Needless to say, God knows better than to do that.

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 01, 2021