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Stick With Me

There are times when you are tired, bored, frustrated, and think all I want to do is quit. Maybe it’s a job, or another responsibility. Maybe it’s even something that started as fun but now it isn’t. Whatever the situation we have all most likely reached that intersection where we just want to turn and walk away.

Author: Linda Soller | May 17, 2021

New Bird On The Block

I stood frozen facing out the backdoor. I stood for so long not moving that finally my husband asked if I was okay. I carefully turned toward him and whispered, “We have a new bird on the block, he’s at our feeder, and he’s amazing.” Soon there were two people staring out the window.

Author: Linda Soller | May 10, 2021

Cleaning the Pantry

Don’t tell anyone, but I really love to clean my pantry. You’re thinking, why not clean the areas that other people see? Who cares about a pantry? Isn’t it supposed to be hidden storage?

Author: Linda Soller | May 03, 2021

A Little Laughter

Laughter really can be strong medicine. Sometimes laughter is just what we need. Recently in our book group, called the Book Bunch, we had a chance to laugh at ourselves. Most years we select five books that are either inspirational, historical fiction, or non-fiction, but all connected to our faith. This year for practical reasons we decided to read and discuss five different books of the Bible.

Author: Linda Soller | Apr 26, 2021

Old is New Again!

Like so many businesses the company I work for basically went to an “all hands remote” arrangement with the pandemic. Gradually we have modified our schedules and while some still need to work from home, others of us have returned to the office.

Author: Linda Soller | Apr 19, 2021

Just How Serious

I find myself among those who have gained a few pounds during the pandemic. Stress eating, no yoga class, and cold winter weather are just a few of my favorite personal excuses. Don’t get me wrong, I was not skinny before!

Author: Linda Soller | Apr 12, 2021