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Easter Take Two

Approaching Easter last year, I was so disappointed to miss all the church and family traditions due to the pandemic. But I knew it was for the greater good. I was reminded during that time just how important Easter is for the world.

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 29, 2021

Welcome Back

Let’s face it, I often write about my commute to work, the crazy drivers, not me of course, and the things I find so interesting or irritating. Currently I report into my office two days a week and work remotely for the remainder. Ever since we started this gradual return to the office my drive to and from work has been crazy easy.

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 22, 2021

Where to Start

Recently in our adult Bible study we talked about how confusing the crucifixion might be to a non- Christian. If we are honest it confuses many Christians. Why would God allow Jesus to die in such a horrible way?

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 15, 2021

What A Blessing!

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon. A lazy day if I’m being honest. There I was sitting on the couch watching a winter sports event on TV when I heard a familiar ping telling me I had a text message. Fully expecting it to be one of my children with pictures of my perfect grandchildren doing something adorable I quickly snatched the phone.

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 08, 2021

Wait A Minute

In our Sunday Bible study group, we talked about Noah and his ark. It made me think about the human process of waiting. I can’t even imagine being in Noah’s position. What would I do if God called me to such a monumental task? Needless to say, God knows better than to do that.

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 01, 2021

All Those Walls

We humans have certainly mastered the art of walls. Walls around countries, around castles, around neighborhoods, and property. We have walls to make homes and offices, and walls to break those big spaces into smaller spaces we call rooms.

Author: Linda Soller | Feb 22, 2021