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Stuff of Dreams
The word “stuff” has many meanings, but here I’m talking about things. What’s the stuff of your dreams? Are you a collector of things or do you long for things you can’t afford? The desire for stuff can drive you to work harder, but it can leave you depressed when you dwell on what you don’t have.
Author: Linda Soller | Aug 12, 2019

Who not to love?
The expert in Hebrew law asked Jesus about the rule of loving your neighbor. Jesus told him the story of the good Samaritan. The expert knew the rule and understood the story, but still he asked for clarification on who was his neighbor? It seems to me he was looking for a definition he could live with. Maybe he really wanted to know who not to love.
Author: Linda Soller | Aug 05, 2019

School is officially underway in our area. The start dates of local counties were staggered, but now everyone is back. For our family it’s the start of kindergarten for the oldest grandchild. An important milestone, but in her brief 5 years there have already been many beginnings.
Author: Linda Soller | Aug 05, 2019

Brain Retrain
We have new phones at work. They do neat things, and you no longer dial 9 when dialing out. Problem is, I have worked here for 22+ years and it seems I can’t manage to dial out without reaching for the #9. I need a brain retrain!
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 29, 2019

A Bigger Bucket?
Clearly, I had too much caffeine. As I lay awake, mind racing, I considered my bucket list. You know, the list of things you want to do, places you want to see, before your time on earth is done. At first the list was not that big, but the longer I considered the topic, the more items I added.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 22, 2019

The Elusive Escape Hatch
If only you could find the button, the lever, or the hidden bookcase that exposed the escape hatch. It’s not an uncommon desire to want to escape. You know those times when you feel worn out, over-burdened, and just plain over it. Yes, I am talking about you.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 15, 2019