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He Lives

Linda Soller | Apr 01, 2024

Easter, more that many other special days that Christians celebrate, brings a happiness that is accompanied by hope, with a heavy dose of love. He lives! What wonderful words. These words remind us of how totally invested God was and is in the lives of humans. Now Christmas resonates as a joyous day, but it can be overshadowed by the other lovely and demanding human additions to the holiday. Easter has managed to emerge as a series of days of prayer, meditation, and joy. Sure, there is the Easter Bunny, but he (or dare I say she) seems content to take a second-row seat to the main reason we celebrate, unlike a very jolly man in a red suit who shall go nameless at this writing. Easter shares it’s hope with the coming of spring, the budding of flowers, and the generosity of spirit we all feel as we emerge from the winter doldrums.


This is not to say we Christians are naïve when it comes to world conditions. Locally we are reeling from the tragic bridge accident which took innocent lives. We find it hard to watch the news where they show endless minutes of the horrible conditions in the middle east. Minutes to us, but lifetimes to those who live there. Our country is struggling to remember our foundation which embraced our various heritages to form a “more perfect union”. While we voters are appalled by the actions of those we elect, those in office seem content with power and limelight over unity, democracy, and love. Who are trying to kid? We may be kidding ourselves, but we are not kidding God.


Easter is technically behind us. The celebrating has ended, and the children have gone back to school. All is back to normal, whatever that may be. The old normal does not have to be the new normal. God proved that when He watched His son die on the cross, only to live again. God knows how difficult times can be. God understands we get so tired of the fight. But God also knows through Him all things are possible, because He lives.



Be kind, be brave, have faith!  : )   Linda

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