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What do I know?

Linda Soller | Mar 25, 2024

Have you ever thought to yourself that you knew better what your friend or relative needed than they did.  I have to admit that sometimes I just think I have the solution, the answer, or the best plan. More often than not I get it wrong.


I have taken pretty good care of the birds in my yard for a few years now. The number of birds around the feeder has grown and the variety of birds have expanded. I provide seed, we try to keep the squirrels off the feeder, but I only provided water as an after-thought. There is a small pond within about one hundred yards of our back yard. So, I thought there is plenty of water for all the critters. My research told me that to provide a sanctuary for the birds I must provide water nearby.  In the last six months I have come to realize how much the birds love my makeshift bird bath. Some days they go for water before they go for the seed. So, what do I know?


In dealing with people the temptation is to give advice, or should we say suggestions?  Really, it’s a polite way of telling people what to do. Why some of us think we know what is best for someone else is a mystery to me. Those of us with this tendency are sometimes called opinionated. We may have the reputation of being a busy body. If we get carried away, we may be called pushy, nosey, or bossy. None of those names are flattering. When you are on the unsolicited end of someone’s wisdom be strong. You can remain polite and still ignore what they say. I feel some of you think that’s exactly what I do in this blog. Hmm. My response is I’m sorry if you feel that way, it’s really not my intent. My goal is to make you think and pause as you ponder our weekly topic. Maybe you will get some sort of inspiration. Maybe you will identify an inner strength or recognize a bad habit. I truly think that sharing ideas is generally healthy and positive. Following all the advice you receive may not be the best plan, but then, what do I know?


Be kind, be brave, have faith!  : )   Linda

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