First Baptist Church of Herndon

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Linda Soller | Mar 11, 2024

You have probably heard the expression that it takes a village to raise a child. It’s so true, ask any single parent. There are many important moving parts.  For those who are not familiar with church they might be surprised to know the same is true for a congregation. There is usually a minister, maybe a few. There is usually someone running the office, maybe a music director, sometimes a childcare provider, well you get the picture. The larger the church the more likely that there will be additional employees. In a smaller church, like First Baptist Church, many of these activities are completed by volunteers.


I am always amused when I hear people talk about how they don’t know what they could do to assist the church. I want to start listing the very simple, yet critical ways a person can volunteer. Then I realize they seem to truly believe they have no value, at least none that could assist the church in its ministries. Hmm, they’re so wrong. But it’s not easy to tell people they are wrong. So, I think we need to find a better way to encourage participation.

-If they were a pet, we could give them a treat every time they helped out. I think that should be a last resort.  -We could send them a list, and it would be long, of all the small jobs that need doing. But it might discourage or overwhelm them.

-Paster Sean could stand up each week and ask for a show of hands to volunteer. No, making people feel guilty is so negative.

 So, what can be done?


We start with reminding people that they belong to a variety of communities. They are part of a family, a neighborhood, maybe a town, a company, a club, and let’s not forget a church. All those communities survive only with each individual’s contributions and it’s not necessarily money. The little things you do for your family really help. Shopping in your own town is a big deal to local business owners. Taking care of your property helps your neighbors. I don’t know your talents or gifts, but I know there is always a way to contribute to your community. You just need to identify how you can contribute.


Be kind, be brave, have faith!  : )   Linda

681 Elden St. Herndon
VA 20170-4722