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What to Say?

Linda Soller | Feb 26, 2024

This week I struggled to decide what to say in my blog. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t for lack of subjects. I rarely lack opinions on topics. But, for some reason, deciding which one to talk about was hard. Now there are blogs which address specific interests. I read several about knitting. There are blogs which address nature, movies, sports, cooking, decorating, how to raise your children, just to name a few. If you read other blogs, you’ll notice you are often given a place to comment. Unfortunately, our system was not set up for that feature. Then again, there have been many times when I was very glad you could not say what you thought about my blog. You may know which ones I am talking about.


Anyway, in this blog I try to bring my faith, your faith, and the everyday world together. When I can I toss in some food for thought. Now and then some humor finds its way to the page. I always run a spell check. I try to keep the number of words under 400. Why? Because once there was a person who also wrote a blog and was kind enough to tell me mine were too long. Who knew? Sometimes people will tell me topics they would like to have covered. That doesn’t happen often. I try hard to avoid politics because I’ve seen too many Christians who can’t forgive other Christians for their political beliefs. It’s a real shame to see a divide in the family of faith over elections. I mean really, it’s not like we won’t be doing it all over again in a couple of years.


So, this week I considered a few ideas in my mind and realized that while I liked several topics, there wasn’t one which stuck out as perfect. I think there is an expression which says, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all”, or maybe that was my mom’s saying. So, that was my dilemma. But as you can see, I have managed to ramble on about pretty much nothing.


When I need answers, I turn to the Bible. Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am God. I think that says it all (in 395 words).


Be kind, be brave, have faith!  : )   Linda

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