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A Little Bit of Gnome

Linda Soller | Jan 10, 2022

I don’t remember when it started, my love of gnomes. I don’t collect the large ones for your yard, no I have knitted ones, felted ones, furry ones, mini clay ones, and my latest bitty gnome with a knitted hat and gray braids. A mini me, except my hair is too short to make braids. Bitty gnome is a magnet and she is hanging on the lamp on my desk at home. Her arms are holding up a heart, and she makes me think of a shirt I have that says, “Gnome for the Holidays”. Unfortunately I’m not home for the holidays, I’m home for work because once again our company has sent people home to work for a few weeks. We are hoping for some protection from the latest COVID variant. Guess we will find out.


It makes me smile to see Bitty (yes that is her name) clinging to the lamp.  I remember as a child being told by well meaning elders, why you are a little bitty thing. At the time I didn’t care for their description. Eventually I out grew worrying about what others thought when they saw my stature. It’s not like I could change it. Now I love things that are small, which may be why I like the gnomes scattered around my house. I even delay putting away my Christmas decorations because so many of my gnomes are boxed up for the year. Don’t worry, a healthy supply stay out year round. 


My point is we all need something that brings a smile to our face. Maybe you have a picture, a pet, a song, or a favorite sweater. The item itself is not as important as the way it makes you feel.  When times are difficult having something that warms your heart and makes you smile can change your day. Even a special memory or saying can inspire. Starting a new year with so many unknowns and so much turmoil is difficult for most of us. Maybe now is a good time to find what makes you smile and strategically place reminders around your environment. You never know when you might need some cheering up. A little bit of gnome can go a long way trust me!


Be the love in the world!  :o)