First Baptist Church of Herndon

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Alive and Well in Herndon

Linda Soller | Jun 07, 2021

Ask any cicada about the pandemic and they will stare at you with those big red eyes thinking to themselves, what pandemic? Okay so they are bugs, they may not speak, but I am pretty sure they are oblivious to the challenging last 15 months we have experienced. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to their 17 years of isolation. But you can tell any cicada, or person for that matter, that we are alive and well in Herndon. Specifically, I am speaking of our church. It’s such a great feeling, and not one we could be absolutely sure we would experience when the pandemic began. We faced tough decisions. 


In the notebook where I planned the Drop-In Class Bible study lessons on the last page for March 2020 there is a simple note – COVID-19 no class. The rest of the page is bare. It was a stressful time of balancing all the outside influences on our church with the internal drive to be together, supporting each other. I won’t comment on the decisions other churches made or speculate on why they made them, but I will say I’m so glad I go to FBC of Herndon. The long haul of isolation inspired adaptation and creativity. God was working constantly to show us there is more than one way to do church. He is so smart! For some of us the change required patience, practice, and crash courses in Zoom. But hey, we did it. Our church family was safer for our efforts, and our dedication was challenged and rewarded.


Yesterday the Drop-In Class went live and in person again. We met back in the church fellowship hall. Some precautions in place. It was a time to reunite and a time to celebrate. Not everyone was back, but that’s okay. There were no goodies being served and for me that’s a good thing! But seeing those who came, still faithful, still ready to share and learn, well it was a wonderful feeling. Not everyone is ready to emerge from their protective habitats, and that’s okay too. For those people, and the rest of you who maybe never checked us out, let me just say – FBC is alive and well in Herndon! Hope to see you there.


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