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The Dreamers

Linda Soller | Jan 18, 2021

This week my thoughts turn to the dreamers of the world. Four in particular. You know who I mean, the people who see what life can be and strive to make it so. 


The first dreamed of a time when people would look at each other and see humanity, not the results of genetics. He dreamed of peaceful co-existence in a country which lifted up the needy, the abandoned, and the lost so they too could live the American dream. He inspired others through his words of hope and unity. He led by example because that is what true leaders do. He walked peacefully with dignity, not fear.

Through his actions others found hope.


The second dreamed of a society where people in their peak of physical and mental abilities would volunteer to work in the world to share the blessings, we take for granted in our county. People who could teach others to better care for themselves and their families. A country where children were educated and given skills to reach their dreams. He looked to the heavens and said we can reach the moon. He was truthful in saying we needed to give back, not look for gifts.


The third dreamed of telling as many people as he could about the Good News of Jesus Christ. He would share it equally with the poor and lonely and the leaders of the world. His voice was his instrument, and it drew you in because it was honest, strong, and hopeful. His message called for faith, peace, and kindness. He was willing to speak the truth in a time when much of society didn’t want to hear about rules and commandments. But he dreamed that would change.


The fourth dreamer is you. What is your dream? Do you lead by example? Do you stand for hope, truth, faith, and peace? The world is full of imperfect people who dream big dreams and work to make them come true. The world is full of leaders whose name you may never hear on TV or see in print, but who know that we are blessed and with peaceful action can truly change the world.


In honor of four dreamers:  Martin Luther King, Jr, President John F. Kennedy, Reverend Billy Graham, and 

You – a child of God.


Have a great week! :o) Linda