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Feel It In My Bones

Linda Soller | Sep 21, 2020

I read an article about aging well. One action item was to meditate or quiet your thoughts on a daily basis. With so much craziness in our world we could all use some calm. Another action was to stop reading all the bad news. Now that was going to be harder considering how much news seems to be bad!


I resolved to only check more good news postings on my computer news feed. I would start slowly avoiding the bad news on Tuesday and Thursday. It meant no quick peeks. Do I have to give up the weather? The first day I attempted to implement my plan I noticed two, no three, important items.  First, not all news listed as good news is really good, some publishers use the headings to lure you in. I vow to be careful. Second, there is a good amount of good news online if you look. Third, most of the good news is being published by smaller publications. 


As for number one I just have to be careful what I decide to read. I have to take responsibility for my actions. On number two I found the realization to be good news in itself and very uplifting.  But number three actually brought my strongest reaction. How amazing is it that the smaller publications and the local communities can put such positivity out in the world? I shouldn’t be surprised. Historically speaking most movements resulting in change began as grass root actions. But number three encouraged me to think positive. Even when the powerful people in this country can’t be civil, can’t rise to lead, and can’t stop being petty. Apparently, we everyday folks can. Even when our leaders lie, and mislead, and ignore need, we everyday folk step up. Yes, you and I can make a difference. I don’t know what that difference will look like yet. Maybe we will turn out in remarkable numbers to vote because we refuse to have foreign countries or political cronies weaken our democracy. Maybe we will start truly appreciating our frontline workers.  Maybe when we see immigrants, we will see our ancestors in their eyes. Whatever we do, it will be big, it will be powerful, I feel it in my bones. 


Have a great week! :o) Linda