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Calm Before the Storm 2

Linda Soller | Sep 09, 2019

If you asked residents and vacationers along the U.S. east coast last week if they were calm as hurricane Dorian approached, they might have laughed in your face or cried. It would have been hard to be calm with forecasts of the Category 5 storm approaching your home and community. The expression, the calm before the storm, comes from weather. Often the air is still, all seems quiet and calm, just before a storm hits. 


We use the expression for other situations too. Driving to work the last week of summer I thought of it as I anticipated they way the traffic would change with the start of the school year. When reading the news lately I like to think that all the violence I see in the headlines is the storm.  I hate to think of it as the calm. Either way I look at it, the headlines are disturbing. Unlike evacuating in the wake of a storm, we can’t really escape all the violence around us. So how do we keep our calm?


I have used it before and I’m sure I will use it again, but one of my favorite verses from the Bible is Psalm 46: 10 where He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;”  I don’t think He wants us to freeze or hide, but He wants us to listen, not panic, no knee jerk reactions required. God needs us to be strong in our faith. He never promised that life here on earth would be without problems, but He does promise to be there with us as we face our storms. He doesn’t want us to be foolish and take unnecessary risks, but He wants us to learn to rely on Him. He wants to provide comfort when we are afraid or discouraged. 


When you are facing a personal storm, remember to be still, to reach out to God, and gain strength from the calm you will find before your storm.


Have a great week! :o) Linda


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