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Small Actions - Big Impact

Linda Soller | May 18, 2015

Don’t you just love the flowers of May? Sure the pollen count is astronomical, you haven’t stopped coughing for three weeks from your spring cold, and the news is full of crazy severe weather, but the flowers are so pretty. Driving to work I pass a house with what can only be described as a simple plain yard for most of the year. But, right now there is a row of irises stretching the length of the backyard bordering the road. It’s spectacular. In the grand scheme of things it’s a small gesture from the homeowners, but it has such a big impact on those of us fortunate enough to enjoy the beauty of the Irises while they last.

Recently we had a gentleman with a wonderful smile visit our Drop-In Class. We learned he volunteered at the local thrift store, The Closet, which is supported by multiple churches in our community. The volunteers sort donations, stock the sales area, ring at the register, and eventually take unsold items to other communities where the need is so great the items are given away. Simply volunteering is a huge help, and I think it’s fair to say no one expects more from the volunteers once they leave the premises. This gentleman takes his volunteering action one step further. Each time he volunteers he spends a few dollars to purchase religious subject matter books and Bibles which have been donated. Next he gives them away. You see he is a disabled Veteran who also volunteers to help others like himself. He explained, due to the “separation of church and state” he makes personal gifts of these reading materials, and no one gets in trouble. Some recipients tell him they have never had a Bible, others tell him of how long it has been since they read a Bible. He’s a perfect example of how a collection of relatively small acts can have a big impact.

The FBC Outreach group planned a local Missions Day. Some people baked and bagged cookies, some donated water bottles, some helped stock goods at the local food bank, and some passed out the water and treats to anyone who passed on the trail which cuts through the middle of town. One cyclist swooped by grabbing a water bottle on his way. Later he returned to the volunteers to explain. His Saturday morning bike rides were a time of meditation and prayer for him. On this day he was about to drink from the bottle of water and saw the label. The Label said “Jesus Loves You and so does FBC.” He felt compelled to come back and express how much that small statement meant to him. His action in turn made the volunteers appreciate the activity even more.

After our Drop-In visitor explained his efforts to spread the word, we were happy to pull the Bibles and a Hymnal from our used book shelf and give them to him to give away. One more small action which could have a big impact for someone. What small action can you take today?

Have a great week! :o)  Linda