First Baptist Church of Herndon

681 Elden St., Herndon, VA 20170-4722, Phone 703-437-3620

Trying Something New

Sean Roberds | Oct 16, 2019

Starting Sunday, October 27, we want to try something new to start Church.  Church will begin at 9:30 with a couple of options.  The first option we will offer is silence in the Sanctuary.  Starting at 9:30 we are going to shut the doors and close down all the noise to invite people to quietly sit in the sanctuary before worship.  The second option we will offer is fellowship in the fellowship hall. At 9:30 we are going to invite people to have a cup of coffee, catch up with your church friends and just simply be present with each other.  So, if you feel you need silence there will be a place for that or if you need interaction with people there will be that as well. Around 9:50 we will begin to transition to worship.  People will make their way into the sanctuary; the choir will take its place in the choir loft and lead us in singing a simple uplifting song or two.  Then promptly at 10:00 the bell will ring and worship will begin. 


The worship team feels that we really end worship well.  Our ending is wonderful and powerful. Now we want to begin well. So, I want you to used to the idea that Church starts at 9:30. If you need a quiet moment before worship there will be a place for that. If you need fellowship, there is a place for that as well.  Then we will have the entire congregation set up and in place at 10:00 when worship begins.  



Let’s give it a try!