First Baptist Church of Herndon

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Church Reopening Plan 5-23-2021

Sean Roberds | May 24, 2021

 Church Reopening Plan 5-23-2021


I Starting June 6


Worship and Sanctuary Use

  • Worship will be open for up to 40 people with the number              increasing every few weeks.


  • We will lift the sign-up requirement for worship. We will ask people to sign-in for contact tracing.  


  • We will encourage worshipers to leave some distance from each other.


  • We will not require 6 feet of distance or assign seats.


  • Masks will be required.


  • No food or beverage allowed.


  • We will not pass around the offering plate or communion or hand out bulletins.


  • We will keep the balcony closed, only to be used by our sound and video team. 


  • We will require all groups and congregations to disinfect after every use.


Fellowship Hall and Classroom Use

  • The fellowship hall and other classrooms will be open for use by groups who can allow for distance between individuals.


  • Masks will be required. 


  • No food or beverage will be allowed.


  • Each group will need to disinfect surfaces with their own disinfectant.


II Sunday Morning Bible Study, Youth and Children’s Activities


  • Beginning in June the Drop-in Class will begin to meet In-person in the fellowship hall.


  • The pastor will continue the Zoom Class for those who choose to stay home.


  • We might start a second In-Person class in room 200 if there is not enough space in the fellowship hall for all who would like to attend.


  • We plan to wait until August to start Youth and Children’s Sunday School.


  • Youth and Children’s Activities can be planned starting June 6th but we encourage them to be held outside.



III The deacons will look at relaxing more rules during their July 11 meeting.