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What Warning?
Here’s how it went. Saturday a snowflake for the coming Wednesday on my cell phone weather App. Ignored. Sunday a winter storm advisory was in my texts from the county. Deleted. Monday a winter storm watch was in my texts from the county. Deleted. Tuesday a winter storm warning was in my texts from the county, with details, and times. Read and deleted. It’s probably nothing.
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 04, 2019

Gain One Lose One
For days I looked forward to the coming weekend. Due to Presidents’ Day it would be a three-day weekend. I could just imagine all I would get done by gaining one extra day of leisure. Even more important I would get to wake up and decide what I would do that day. When you work full time, that is not a common situation.
Author: Linda Soller | Feb 25, 2019

When Right feels Wrong
Have you ever talked to your child about being strong when they are legitimately scared? If yes, then you know that sometimes doing what is right can feel wrong in the moment. You just want to make their fears go away.
Author: Linda Soller | Feb 18, 2019

A Common Thread
My husband and I recently spent a week in Indianapolis. The trip was all about him. It’s a city I have passed through, but never visited. We managed to be there for the record breaking cold and a surprise snow storm. By Saturday, the weather had warmed, and my husband suggested we drive around and visit a local yarn shop, Broad Ripple Knits.
Author: Linda Soller | Feb 11, 2019

Something for Nothing
A group at the office had a lunch meeting. Pizza was brought in. There were a couple of pizzas left which were placed in the lunchroom for anyone who wanted some. Word spread fast. Who doesn’t love something for nothing?
Author: Linda Soller | Feb 04, 2019

No Quick Fix
We have lived in our house over 20 years. The location and surrounding area had much to do with why we bought it and still love it. The road we use each day, to go just about everywhere, crosses over three creeks. From year one we learned the creeks would often flood the road after a heavy rain.
Author: Linda Soller | Jan 28, 2019