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Faith or Foolishness
We Christians must be a pretty smart bunch, because I read daily in the news where we are telling everyone how to live their lives. In fact, we are so smart we legislate how people should live their lives. Or said in another way, we force people to live the way we “know” they should. At this point you are either intrigued or insulted.
Author: Linda Soller | May 20, 2019

Too Kind
I’d like to think people want to be kind. There is some effort involved. The adjective “kind” means sympathetic, gentle, and benevolent. I think of it as selfless. A kind person puts the feelings and wellbeing of others before their own. You can be kind in your actions and/or your words.
Author: Linda Soller | May 13, 2019

Which Side of You?
Don’t we all decide what we want people to see when we interact with them? You can feel lousy one day but put on a happy face for a stranger. So which side of you is real?
Author: Linda Soller | May 06, 2019

The New Normal
The Monday after Easter on the way to work I thought, ah yes, back to normal. The traffic was back, the school buses were back, it felt like any other Monday. Normal, after all, is the standard, usual, or accepted status. Normal is what we are used to. Normal for you may not be normal for me, but we co-exist.
Author: Linda Soller | Apr 29, 2019

What We Have
I am not a well-traveled person. As luck would have it I’ve been to France and have visited Notre-Dame. Like so many others I was heart broken to see the videos of the raging fire yet encouraged by the pictures on Tuesday of the remains of the magnificent church. I was reminded that we need to be aware and appreciative of what we have in our lives.
Author: Linda Soller | Apr 22, 2019

If Not Now - When?
I stood in front of my closet deciding what to wear to work. A particular blouse was calling my name but the sleeve style, while lovely, had not proven to be practical for most situations. Then I thought, if not now, when? It was not doing me any good hanging in my closet. I put it on and headed off to work.
Author: Linda Soller | Apr 15, 2019