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Love on a List

I spend a lot of time during the year encouraging you to share love. Love is the last of the themes for the advent season. While I know technically advent is over, we need to visit this theme. Why? Because telling you to share love sounds simple and clear, but it isn’t simple. I mean do you know exactly how to do that? I talk about it a lot and yet how often do I do it? How often do you?

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 30, 2019

Joy Inside and Out

What does joy mean to you? It can mean pleasure or happiness, but what does it mean to you? Can you picture yourself filling a Christmas stocking for a child? You put in lots of small seemingly trivial things that often please them more than some of the “big” gifts you have wrapped. You can’t always predict what will bring joy to a person. Perhaps that is the magic of Christmas. Finding what brings you joy, or what gives someone else joy. Despite what you may see on the surface joy is everywhere.

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 23, 2019

Bits and Peaces

Yes, I looked it up and peaces can be used to refer to different types of peace. Peace is a noun. And since the second advent candle is the peace candle, I thought we needed to take a closer look. The angels came to the shepherds in the fields and sang out glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and goodwill toward men. Now that particular peace is a blessing. The angels were there to deliver great and glorious news.

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 16, 2019

Ho Ho Hope!

I have always felt there are two types of Christians during the holidays. One group stays inside their snow globes protected, they think, from the materialism and chaos. The other group is out in the chaos bringing the real reason for Christmas to as many as they can. One group is guarded, protective, and the other embraces the opportunities to share.

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 09, 2019

Lost in the Holidays

Thanksgiving has come and gone, along with the long weekend many of us enjoy. For most the frenzy of Christmas shopping is in full tilt. So, what do you remember about last week? Really, if you had to list only three things about last week what would you list?

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 02, 2019

The Science of Thanksgiving

I am pretty sure it’s a scientific fact that saying thank you is contagious. Not sure where I learned that “fact”, but it sounds right to me. You say thank you to the person who holds the door for you and the next time someone does the same for them they say thank you and so on. Something that gets passed from human to human is often called contagious, so saying thank you must be contagious. Just agree, there is no need to over think this!

Author: Linda Soller | Nov 25, 2019