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Who Decided

Linda Soller | May 02, 2022

Sometimes I just want to say out loud, who decided that?  I have a perfect example coming this week. Who decided that Mother’s Day was the day colleges should have their graduation ceremonies? I mean, mothers are most likely thrilled their children are graduating, but who decided to take Mother’s Day away from all those moms?  My niece graduates this coming weekend. Her mother, and grandmother will be there, and her aunt and I will be there. So four moms, just in our family, will be sitting among the masses, watching flowing gowns and pointy caps march from here to there to graduate. Let me repeat, it’s a special occasion for all of us. But did it need to take Mother’s Day? And who decided it could not be the following week or even the week before? These questions, which are not easily answered, nag me.


Perhaps I’m just being a bit whiney and self-centered. Someone must have thought it was a good idea. And I know that I am not entitled to the answers to all of mankind’s questions. In fact I’m pretty sure I will go to my grave with many more serious questions than this still unanswered. But every now and then I do wonder. Then I wonder if somewhere along the way I made a decision or a choice that impacted others in such a way that they found themselves asking, who decided that? The world is so much smaller than we think. The ripples of our decisions and actions can travel far and wide. And an idea, no matter how strange or even offensive, can only keep rippling through our world if it has support.


When we look around and see Christians acting unchristian like, doing things we know God deplores, stating things we know not to be true, because it suits their needs, we need to stop. We need to stop the ripple and ask, who decided that? It’s a simple question that can stop a ripple in its tracks.


Be the love in the world  :o)