First Baptist Church of Herndon

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Linda Soller | Apr 18, 2022

It was a particularly rainy foggy morning. Drivers appeared to be taking things slowly, which was great considering the conditions. Driving down a large two lane road I thought I noticed something way off in the distance. It was not very clear at all, but it seemed to be coming my way. As it got closer I realized it was a pick up truck, grey like the wet reflective road, grey like the fog, no lights, just a grey blob that was blending surprisingly well into its surroundings. I asked myself, wonder if the driver knows he’s nearly invisible? Then I thought, wonder if he wants to be invisible?


Most of us feel invisible at one time or another. Maybe you’ve been that person at a social gathering standing alone in silence while people mingle and chat all around you. Don’t they even see you there? Or perhaps you’ve stood waiting your turn at the ATM on a big empty sidewalk only to have someone cut in front of you. It’s irritating, but even more so when they turn and say oh sorry I didn’t see you there. Yikes! You think, am I invisible or something? Then again I have known people who work at being invisible. They don’t want to get to know other people, who might expect something from them. For those folks, being invisible is their super-power. They go where they can blend in unnoticed. They are very quiet. Yes, they can hardly be seen.


Well the news is no one is really invisible.  Regardless of how hard you try to hide you are seen.  You are loved. God sees you! God loves you! I know you sometimes find it hard to believe. You may even think you can hide in that back pew of that enormous church wearing brown to blend with the wood, but God sees you and knows you. So I ask you this. Isn’t it wonderful in this huge, chaotic, sometimes dangerous, always challenging world to know you are not invisible?


He is risen!

Be the love in the world  :o)