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Pond Level

Linda Soller | Apr 11, 2022

At least three times a week I drive by the same pond. I have for years. It’s a nice pond with a few long lawns stretching down to its edge. The pond has a wooden dock and it’s not unusual to see someone on the dock fishing. After a good rain I find myself looking over to see the pond level compared to the dock. I don’t really know why, but it brings me a certain joy to see the pond full and kissing the underside of that little dock. When the pond level is high there are no brown borders or messy edges. I can imagine the happy fish swimming around appreciating the influx of oxygen. 


I think people are a lot like ponds. We were designed from the very beginning to function in a nearly magical way. You don’t really see what lies within but sometimes on the surface people seem more positive, dare I say happy, certainly energized. Like a pond after a good rain the person appears brimming with life.


Unfortunately standing in the rain won’t leave us in the same condition as the little pond. Too bad really, because it would be so nice if we could just step out, get good and soaked and suddenly feel better about everything. Even so I think we can gain something from the metaphor of the pond after a rain. People have an advantage over the pond. The pond is at nature’s mercy. People on the other hand can learn to recognize and embrace the things that give them a boost. Perhaps you feel better when you serve others, or when you take care of items on your to do list, or even after a nap. Those are the little things we can control which might have brief positive results. If you are looking for an answer for the big droughts in life when you feel dried out, receding from your banks, and a bit muddy in the head, I can highly recommend faith. When you are open to faith it can wash over you like a beautiful rain, wash away the negativity, fill you with energy, and boost your boundaries to their fullest potential.


Spring is here. We’ve had rain. The pond level is high. How is your level?


Be the love in the world  :o)