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Linda Soller | Dec 27, 2021

Many successful people are able to manage expectations. They manage those of people around them so there is less negativity and more room for positivity. They manage their own, so they are prepared for the changes and challenges that life inevitably brings. Another Christmas has passed. Did it live up to your expectations? The wrapping paper so carefully applied overflows your “to be recycled” container. The cookies artfully decorated, what is left of them, sit stacked to tempt you to a cup of tea and a sweet just before bedtime. Your Christmas tree looks lovely, but somehow lonely without its gifts. This week can be emotionally challenging for many people. If you are one of them maybe you need to manage your expectations. Give yourself quiet time to reflect on what was good and happy about your Christmas season. Go back through your cards, not to just ensure you sent one in return, but to think about the person/people who sent them to you.  Picture their faces, hear their voices.


God tried to manage the expectations of the world long before He sent His son. But people were not the best listeners. Like many of us they heard what they wanted to hear. They wanted a bold warrior power pushing king. They did not expect what they got. God sent His son as an infant full of promise and love. This baby would grow to bring hope and grace to the world. The people wanted hope and grace, but they didn’t expect it to come in such a small package.


As you ponder the rapidly approaching new year watch the children who cross your path and think about the promise and hope they are capable of bringing to our world if we let them. Remember that why we celebrate Christmas is much more important than how long the season lasts, the brightness of the lights, the time spent preparing, or number of events you attend. If we managed our expectations just a bit, I think we would all find more joy in the world than we had previously recognized. For certain we could find more hope and more promise.


Be the love in the world! :o)