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Linda Soller | Nov 22, 2021

Dialog – the conversation between characters in a story. The dialog can fill in information gaps, give glimpses into the personality of the people talking, or set the tone for future action. Often the dialog can communicate more efficiently than a long wordy description. We all participate in dialogs that are part of our life story. Now and then we may wish we could have a do-over because the things said weren’t pleasant or kind. Sometimes we wish we could express our opinions more clearly, our feelings more eloquently, or our plans more concisely. Dialog is fluid and there will be times when words come out of your mouth before you really know it. Writing dialog is more complicated than simple sentences. That makes sense because communication between two or more people can be complicated. 


In the Bible, stories and dialog are often used to relay God’s message. Maybe humans can embrace a conversation better than a directive. Maybe it’s because we can imagine what we would say if we needed to explain an issue faster than we understand what we would do about an issue. I’m not really sure. What I am sure about is that God wants to have conversations with us. Recently, as in this past year, I have heard people say how their relationship with God drives their political views and opinions on their personal rights. I don’t question their sincerity, but I have serious doubts about their dialog with God. I can’t buy into the fact that God wants to be their excuse, but I can understand that God wants to be their reason. The difference is an excuse is putting words and opinions into God’s mouth, and a true reason is using God’s guidance to do the right thing, even when it’s hard.


Thanksgiving opens the door to dialog on what we are thankful for. We should discuss that all the time, but we just don’t. You will have opportunities to converse with others and my money is on some stressful negative conversations taking place. In a world that is tired, anxious, and struggling to find balance, there is one conversation that needs to take place. “God, this is Linda. Can we talk?” Is it time for you to have a dialog with God? The answer is always yes.


Be the difference in the world! :o)