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Somewhat Observant

Linda Soller | Oct 25, 2021

Much to my surprise I realized a few days ago that a restaurant I pass going both to and from work three days a week had changed. It didn’t appear to be a recent change. I’ve always considered myself to be very observant but clearly, I am only “somewhat observant.” Now I am faced with the realization that I may only be observing things based on some preconceived notion of what merits my attention. I didn’t eat at the old restaurant so I must have deemed its transformation as unimportant, beneath my need to even recognize that it had taken place.  This is troubling. If I do that with things as large as buildings, I can only imagine how many little things I miss every day. And if I miss the little things surely the things which are not clearly visible are also being ignored. Yes, this is troubling indeed. 


How can I help and support others if they don’t even register in my observations? Do I truly see the needs right in front of me? Are opportunities to make a difference in the day or life of another missed due to my limited observations? Am I so wrapped up in my own wants and needs that they block my view of the world around me and the needs of others? I have pondered these questions for a good week now and have not reached a satisfactory answer. It’s my hope and prayer that I will be more observant of the needs of others, and that my “somewhat observant” nature can be restricted to things which truly don’t need my involvement. The restaurant does not necessarily need me, and it may not matter how many weeks it took me to notice, but the homeless person by the road may have less time for me to see their need. I understand I am a work in progress. Aren’t we all?  But this observation thing is worth working on. How are your observation skills?


Be the difference in the world! :o)