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The Tale of Two Birthdays

Linda Soller | Oct 18, 2021

There’s the “real” birthday as my granddaughter says and the “party” birthday. Last week our family shared two of each. The first was a five-year birthday and the second was a ninety-year birthday. Very different ages yet surprisingly similar. Both “real” birthdays – only one day apart- passed with best wishes from close friends and family members. There was a birthday breakfast muffin on a mini cake stand for one and red roses delivered for the other. Both generated text messages, phone calls, Face Time, and so on. Later, on the weekend, came the planned “party” birthdays with outdoor gatherings, cakes, and in one case a moon bounce (I’ll let you figure out which). One was loaded with presents and the other more subdued but no less celebratory. Both brought family together to recognize milestones in the lives of two people we love. A time to appreciate them and show outwardly how much we care.  


I think we underestimate the value of birthdays to the unity of family. It’s not the gifts or how elaborate the party, if there is a party, it’s about love, about caring, about treasuring the lives of people dear to us. Even when we are not accustomed to showing our feelings, birthdays provide a safe haven for outwardly demonstrating love.


Christmas is surprisingly close. The time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. There are gatherings, treats, and presents. Maybe even a moon bounce or two somewhere. Most importantly it’s a perfect time to demonstrate to the world the love we have for God. You have a little time to plan if you start now. Don’t wait until last minute to show you care for all of God’s family. Just as a birthday brings a family together, Christmas unites Christians around the world. His birthday is the best birthday of all. How does your celebration of Jesus’ birthday stack up against the human birthdays you celebrate? I’m not talking about the “party” birthdays, I’m talking about the “real” birthdays and what they represent. The tale of two birthdays is the tale of love.


Be the difference in the world! :o)