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The Feel of Fall

Linda Soller | Oct 04, 2021

Fall is officially here. Have I ever told you fall is my favorite season? It is. There is something about it that gives me energy. I don’t really have a season I don’t like. But I grow tired of winter and summer by the time they have ended. They are the extreme seasons as a rule, and I’m not really an extreme sort of person. So, by the time fall arrives I’m over the hot, muggy, mosquito filled, heavy summer atmosphere. The first days of crisp cool mornings and evenings are a welcome relief. 


I was also that kid who liked the start of a school year. You know, new notebooks full of clean paper ready to be used. Now that I think of it, I like the start of things. A natural planner and organizer, I’m that irritating person who gets excited at the start of a new committee or mission. When others see one more thing to do, I’m like Mikey Rooney who was jumping at the chance to put on a show in the old barn (movie reference only some of you will get).


Traditionally fall is a time of coming together. Celebrating the harvest, gathering the stores before winter arrives, and watching as nature dresses up in all her fine showy colors before shedding her foliage. It’s a time of comfort food and comfort activities. It’s long walks, hot cider, football games, and knitting. Well, for some of us. It is a time of beginnings, and a reminder of our dependency on each other. Like spring, the fall shows us how the world around us adapts and changes. A lesson we all benefit from. The feel of fall is a feeling of reassurance that we can do this, that we can be ready for winter and whatever it brings.


Be the difference in the world! :o)