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Picking Seashells

Linda Soller | Aug 16, 2021

Some people collect seashells when at the beach. I pick them. The difference is subtle but important. When out walking along the beach I see people with bags full of shells. They seem to snatch them up quickly and easily. I don’t really know what they do with the shells once they have so many. For me the selection process is part of the enjoyment. Is this one a bit different? Is this one chipped or broken? Maybe I need one shaped like this.  You see I pick my shells for a purpose. Some end up in the fairy village I constructed with my grandchildren. Some are in flowerpots and there are some in glass containers simply looking lovely and natural. I don’t need a bunch, just a select few. 


I am not saying my way is best, indeed there are some reasons why my way represents the worst way to select shells. I am being picky and passing judgement on perfectly worthy shells. Jesus would not use my method. He would see beauty in all the shells. He would be weighed down with His bags of seashells. How do I know this? I know because that is the way He selects people. He chooses us all. There is no concern for who might be broken, or different in shape. He doesn’t care if a person fits neatly into His immediate plan, because He knows we all have value. He is happy to scoop up all who come to Him even if He finds them alone and washed up from the trials of life. He is okay when each one does not rise to the challenges that come their way, and He forgives them for their shortcomings.


In my defense I would like to say I am not picky about everything or judgmental all the time. But I do have to admit that if I allowed my shell picking tendencies to flow into other areas of my life, I would need to make some changes. If Jesus can love all the scattered, broken, and discarded among us, who am I to judge?


Be the difference in the world! :o)